Technics Grand Class G30 Series

The new Technics Grand Class G30 Series is one of the best sounding solid state systems that we have ever heard. Consisting of the ST-G30 Music Server and the SU-G30 Network Audio Amplifier, this is Technics' response to the growing popularity in network and wireless audio systems. Both of these components have been built like audio jewelry, and optimized from the ground up. The music server was designed with comprehensive noise reducing measures, along with new proprietary technologies like Bit-Perfect Ripping and a custom made SSD with enhanced vibration resistance. The output signal to the Network Audio Amplifier is transferred through a Low Noise USB Transfer to achieve data transmission with minimal sound degradation.

The Network Audio Amplifier has also been built from the ground up, and shares technologies with Technics' reference level R1 series. It features their JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-Shaping Optimization) which suppresses jitter distortion. Jitter is caused by the mis-timing in the master clocks used in D to A conversion. Technics has created a clock generator in the noise-shaping system to reduce jitter in the low frequencies and has added a high precision sample rate converter for suppressing jitter in the high frequencies. This product also features a Gallium Nitride FET Drivers allowing for extremely low resistance, enabling the construction of a high power amp using a single push pull configuration. All of these technologies work together to create an extremely clear and linear amplification. Furthermore, the LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration) that's available on the amplifier allows for the system to analyze the impedance and frequency amplitude-phase characteristics of the speaker that it's connected to. Additionally, the new SU-G30 supports TIDAL Spotify Connect, vTuner, and now MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology.  It also performs equally well with analog sources, and has a very quiet, dynamic phono section.  

The ST-G30 and the SU-G30 are regularly priced at $4999.99 and $3999.99, respectively.  However, there is currently a factory authorized, limited time offer that allows us to sell them as a system at an unbelievable price!  Call, or, better yet, come into  the store for more details!


Ars Harmonia Taliesin Special

Ars Harmonia Taliesin

For a limited time, the ARS Harmonia Taliesin is available on sale for $1,995 per pair! The Taliesin is a single point source of sound producing a wonderful sense of coherence that leaves nothing between you and the music. The imaging is detailed and revealing, providing a holographic listening experience. The sound is clear and honest with well-balanced bass that has depth and authority. In addition, the cabinets are beautiful! Visit our store to have a listen!  Be advised that quantities are limited.