At Glenn Poor's, we are constantly trying new products in the high end audio and video market in order to find what we feel are the best values. All the products that we have in our showrooms reflect our desire for high quality while maintaining a reasonable price/performance ratio. Here are some of the brands and products that we proudly carry in our store:

Aerial Acoustics: Aerial Acoustics is one of the best loudspeaker companies in America, specializing in beautifully crafted, dynamic, natural sounding speakers that are faithful to the music. Aerial products are built to last a lifetime, with craftsmanship that is truly extraordinary.

Ars Harmonia: Bruce Pea was inspired by a time when audio gear was made with the best materials, attention to detail, and a sense of pride that is hard to find these days. Most manufacturers – and consumers – have drifted away from these standards… Ars Harmonia is for those who haven’t. The speakers you see here are handcrafted by Bruce in his small wood shop in Champaign, IL.

Avantgarde Acoustics: Avantgarde is one of the most revolutionary speaker companies in audio history. These horn-loaded speakers sound nothing like the typical "closed-in" sounding horns. There are some of the most open, fast, and live sounding speakers available. The Basshorns are another astounding advance made in the horn speaker area. Reproducing the fastest bass possible, the Trio and Basshorn combination give a performance that will convince the listeners they are in the room with the artist.

Bob Carver: Although Bob Carver is frequently thought of as an amplifier designer, he has designed and created several noteworthy speakers. Forget everything you know about conventional loudspeakers, his new Amazing Line Source loudspeaker breaks the mold of any previous design. The ALS is worth a trip to audition. It's truly AMAZING.......  

Dynaudio: Built in Denmark, Dynaudio is one of the few companies that makes all of its own speaker parts. All the drivers, cabinets, crossovers, etc. are all made in their factory. Dynaudio is known for it's beautiful real-wood cabinets and incredible build quality. The drivers are built to handle high power, with the ability to have huge excursions - which makes for incredible dynamics.  Additionally, the typical Dynaudio driver has very wide bandwidth - allowing for the the implementation of first order (6db/octave) filters in a number of Dynaudio designs.

Evolution Acoustics: All Evolution Acoustics loudspeakers are designed in the USA. All aspects of their loudspeakers are painstakingly researched and analyzed to produce incredible micro and macro dynamic performance. The components are housed in advanced acoustic cabinetry, which is both structurally inert and sonically diffuse through the use of multiple layer construction. Best of all, these speakers are completely user adjustable to suit both personal tastes and acoustic environment. Combine all of these elements with an engineering target that is both time and phase aligned and you have one remarkable speaker system.

Focal.JMlab: Focal, like Dynaudio, manufactures all their own components for their speakers. Focal has a wide price range for their speakers with technologies that have trickled down from the top of the line speakers at $195,000/pr to the entry-level book shelf speakers at $549/pr. The beryllium tweeters in the Utopia Evo and Electra 1000 II series are unique to Focal and create an extremely accurate, powerful, yet delicate top end.

GoldenEar Technology: GoldenEar’s founders, Sandy Gross and Don Givogue, and their engineering team, including head of engineering Bob Johnston, have literally hundreds of years of combined experience, and have created, or helped to create, many of the world’s best-sounding - and best-selling loudspeakers. They call their newest loudspeaker company GoldenEar Technology because, in our industry, a “golden ear” is someone who hears exceptionally well. Glenn Poor's picked Golden Ear as the newest addition to our stable of loudspeakers because it's obvious to anybody, not just "golden-eared" audiophiles, that these are some of the finest values in the history of hi-fi!

Harbeth: This UK company started in 1977, and has been supplying monitor speakers for the BBC in addition to making speakers for audiophiles' home systems.  Harbeth monitors transcend the typical "box" speaker sound, offering a quick response and smooth treble that surpass what many expect from a box speaker.  All Harbeth models simply disappear, leaving the music floating in space like the real thing. 

Magnepan: Magnepan has been manufacturing innovative, world class stereo speakers since 1969.  Magnepan also manufactures top quality surround sound speakers and home theater speaker systems. Magneplanar speakers have many of the benefits of a planar speaker without the extra power supplies and difficult load impedance for amplifiers.  The new MG-1.7i, in fact. is our pick as the greatest value in the industry! 

Phase Technology: Phase Technology is the second oldest speaker company in the US, and one of the few companies in the world that makes all their own components.  Known as the inventor of the hemispherical soft dome tweeter, Phase Technology has a wide range of products, excellent customer service, and offers a 10 year warranty on all their speakers. 

Pro Audio Technology: Paul Hales' Pro Audio Technology products unite lively dynamics, high maximum output level, and rugged durability with the refined acoustic performance you’ve come to expect from contemporary home audio equipment. The result is a range of loudspeakers and programmable power amplifiers that, when combined, will offer years of incomparable sonic thrills. Paul's designs have made Pro Audio Technology the finest theater sound products in the world!  The system in our large theater features Pro Audio Tech speakers, and, once you experience this system, you'll want it!

PSB: To those familiar with PSB, the acronym (Paul & Sue Barton) could very well mean People, Sound and Business. For years, audio critics have attributed the performance of PSB Speakers with founder, Paul Barton and his love and passion for music and loudspeakers.  A look back into the history of PSB will show you why… Paul's admiration for natural sound recreation was key to PSB's beginnings.  However, today, it's easy to see that PSB is no longer a small business operation; it's no longer about just one individual or two, or even 10.  PSB Speakers International is about a much larger team of good people who, themselves, are the vital foundation for the company's success. Today, PSB brings audio enjoyment to customers all over the globe, through its nearly 50 distributors and approximately 1000 dealers/retailers. And yet, while the company itself has grown to the level of worldwide distribution, the company's philosophy of performance and value has remained unchanged for almost 40 years.  In our opinion, the PSB Alpha B1 is the best $300/pair compact speaker in the industry!  And, by the way, PSB makes terrific headphones.

Quad: Known for their innovative electrostatic, planar loudspeakers (ESL) developed in England in the fifties, and refined many times during the last sixty years, Quads simply have to be auditioned for one to understand why they've earned their reputation as a clear view into the music.  One of Geoff's personal favorites.  He loves his Quads!   

REL: REL subwoofers have become a growing part of Glenn Poor's Audio Video's product mix by contributing significantly to our ability to "tune" any music or home theater system to real world environments.  REL woofers add more than just low bass.  Please ask for a demonstration of what any REL model can add to a system. 

Scaena Audio: Scaena Audio is one of the few to make iso-linear speakers, which are not only attractive in appearance, but also one of the most refined, best sounding speaker systems in the world of high-end. These amazingly linear speakers are very versatile and allow one to improve their speakers with more sub units or speakers with more mid or high frequency drivers allowing for louder, fuller and more beautiful sound. 

Technics: Known in this country for their turntables and electronics, Technics also designs and manufactures incredible loudspeaker systems.  From their reference class SB-R1E ($27K/pair) to the compact, affordable SB-C700 ($1700/pair), Technics is demonstrating that they are a company to be reckoned with in the world of premium loudspeaker systems.  In fact, the amazing SB-C700 may be the best speaker one can buy for under $2K per pair!  It's flat coaxial drive unit has amazing frequency response, and is able to mimic a live point source.  From its inventive cabinet construction to its unique driver design, the Technics SB-C700 is an amazing product - especially in its affordable price range.

Wilson Audio: David Wilson started Wilson Audio's success in 1981 when he showed the original WAMM at a store in Northern California. He immediately sold a pair, and began making more speakers from his home. Flush with confidence, Dave decide to expand his offerings, and made the original WATT (Wilson Audio Tiny Tot).  The unanticipated success of the WATT made Wilson a tour de force in the world of high end.  Since then, Wilson Audio has become an unstoppable force as one of the premier hi-fi companies in the world!  We have a number of Wilson models on display, including Alexia, Duette, the new Yvette, Sasha, the affordable Sabrina, and the Maxx 2.  From their peerless build quality to the incredible sound reproduced, we think Wilson Audio deserves their reputation as the world's best speaker manufacturer.