"I've been buying things from Glenn Poor's. off and on, for about 30 years. It began with my first pair of Sennheiser headphones, Kyocera CD player and ultimately led to a full system of Bel Canto, Balanced Audio Technology and Harbeth. They've always been smart about the products they had in the store. Always the best products . What I've appreciated is that they've already done the homework for me, yet allowed me to come to my own conclusions. One cannot go wrong with the excellent equipment the store has. There are few places I have found that I wished I needed more of their merchandise, Glenn Poors Audio-video is one of those places."

- Loren R. (Bloomington, IL) 

 "This is an amazing store. We went in on a Saturday afternoon with a problem with our turntable. It had been a gift that was not bought at their store. The friendly and knowledgeable staff solved our issue and did not push us to buy anything. They did let us peruse the store and we were very impressed with the audio-video equipment available in many price ranges. When we are in the market for new equipment, we will definitely be returning and we would recommend Glenn Poor's Audio-Video to anyone." 

-  Vickie W. (Arthur, IL)

Geoff, While the cost of the Technics SL1200G was not trivial, the benefits of ownership are truly rewarding. Just wanted you to know I continue to be very pleased with my purchase. Your advice was spot on, "You won't regret getting the SL1200G." Thanks again. 

-  Larry R. (Chicago, IL)