"I have been going to Glenn Poor’s Audio for almost 35 years. It has always been the premier audio shop in central Illinois. I have purchased all of my speakers (currently Wilson Sophia 3) and several pieces of electronics from Geoff Poor. His store has a good variety of all the top companies in high end audio. Geoff is extremely knowledgeable and has connections to many of the top designers in the industry. If he can’t answer your question he will call the designer of the equipment and get an answer. If you want a complete system design, Geoff is the person to talk to. Geoff tells you exactly how he feels about certain equipment and gives you the straight information. Over the years having enjoyed going to the store so much Geoff has become a good friend. You will not find a more trustworthy and informative person in high end audio. He truly enjoys his job and tries to help people. I recommend Glenn Poor’s Audio with the highest confidence."

- Max B. (Decatur, IL)

"I've been in the store a couple of times to look around and was impressed with how much product they have. Then just before Christmas decided I wanted to get some high quality hifi equipment and Geoff and Ryan spent almost a whole Saturday with me auditioning different set ups until I found something that way exceeded my expectations in performance. These guys really know what they are talking about and don't just sell you the most expensive stuff they have. In fact they helped me find a pair of speakers that eventually I traded in for something 3 times the cost. We are so lucky to have such a place in our area."
- Gary W. (Urbana, IL) 

"I've been buying things from Glenn Poor's. off and on, for about 30 years. It began with my first pair of Sennheiser headphones, Kyocera CD player and ultimately led to a full system of Bel Canto, Balanced Audio Technology and Harbeth. They've always been smart about the products they had in the store. Always the best products . What I've appreciated is that they've already done the homework for me, yet allowed me to come to my own conclusions. One cannot go wrong with the excellent equipment the store has. There are few places I have found that I wished I needed more of their merchandise, Glenn Poors Audio-video is one of those places."

- Loren R. (Bloomington, IL) 

 "This is an amazing store. We went in on a Saturday afternoon with a problem with our turntable. It had been a gift that was not bought at their store. The friendly and knowledgeable staff solved our issue and did not push us to buy anything. They did let us peruse the store and we were very impressed with the audio-video equipment available in many price ranges. When we are in the market for new equipment, we will definitely be returning and we would recommend Glenn Poor's Audio-Video to anyone." 

- Vickie W. (Arthur, IL) 


"I don’t tend to sit down and write reviews very often, but when I do, it’s because I’ve come to develop a high satisfaction of a product or business that becomes a devotion that I would like to share with others. In this case, it’s both. The audio and video system has major importance in our home and we’ve always striven to have the best that we could afford within our budget. That means not wasting money on items that don’t work out or that don’t have longevity. I have dealt with Glenn Poor’s for many years now and Geoff Poor has helped me develop a system that is just unbelievable. I drive 3 hours from my home because Geoff Poor is the most knowledgeable and trustworthy person I know in the field. His store carries a huge variety of products to audition and he’s passionate about showing them. I would drive 12 hours if I had to. Even though I have limited funds for audio video purchases, I’ve always been treated, as a valued customer, never hurried, never dismissed. That said, Geoff would not just tell you what you want to hear, he just tells you the way it is and what really works. Sometimes skeptical, I’ve come to have faith in Geoff’s recommendations. I really didn’t think a different amplifier from the one that I owned could make that much difference in my system to warrant spending the money. Boy was I wrong! My recent purchase of a BAT amplifier recommended by Geoff to be the perfect match for my speakers has put my system on a level that I didn’t think was possible. I really can’t find words to tell you how happy I am, so thus the attempt to right this review. Maybe more important the wife approves as well. I can tell you this, it doesn’t matter how much you have available to spend, because whatever it is you will get better quality, and more long-term satisfaction from it than anywhere else you might make a purchase. That includes going to big box stores for a bargain. Once again, I write this because of the extreme satisfaction of product and service that has been my experience at Glenn Poor’s over many years. It is great having a go to place for something that is so important to our household."

-  Ken L. (Champaign, IL)