At Glenn Poor's, we are constantly trying new products in the high end audio and video market in order to find what we feel are the best values. All the products that we have in our showrooms reflect our desire for high quality while maintaining a reasonable price/performance ratio. Here are some of the brands and products that we proudly carry in our store:

BDI: BDI furniture merges innovative engineering and original design to seamlessly integrate technology into the home and office. Whether you are considering media or office furniture, you can be sure that we have beautiful solutions that perform as well as they look. Also, don't overlook BDI's other solutions for the home including tables, shelving and our amazing Semblance modular system.

Critical Mass Systems: Critical Mass Systems are patent protected high performance isolation systems and direct coupling systems painstakingly designed to optimize the performance of your electronic components. They dissipate vibration, adding nothing to the sensory envelope and taking nothing away from the sensory event. 

pARTicular: pARTicular creates objects, functional art and environments for residential and commercial use. Their industrial design service includes collaboration with architects and other professionals, as well as all stages of product research and development. The assignment is only completed when the client enjoys the finished project. The Audio Design Collection and the development of a functional and modern residential furniture line are the focus of Volkmar Druebbisch, pARTicular's designer and owner. This audio and video furniture collection is specifically designed and crafted to merge audio performance with contemporary design excellence, while introducing innovative concepts. 

Sanus: Sanus Systems manufactures a broad variety of sleek, quality AV interior furnishings, TV wall mounts and accessories. Our high-test, acoustically superior creations are designed for style and engineered to perform. 

Salamander Designs: Salamander's design philosophy encompasses a systems approach that fuses visual design, functional engineering, and advanced manufacturing processes to yield high quality results. Finished cabinets are built to order in the USA, and with their quick ship program most will ship within three days. Throughout Salamander's history they have designed highly flexible and customizable furniture solutions intended to offer a huge number of choices in materials, finishes, colors, fabrics, and performance options. By integrating such a high level of customization throughout Salamander's product line, anyone can become an active participant in creating their own unique furniture designs. It's a pretty different way of looking at furniture design. Instead of "one-size-fits-all" everyone gets exactly what fits them. 

Vantage Point: At Vantage Point, they proudly celebrate over 20 years of providing media mounting solutions to the consumer and commercial industries around the world. Their strong foothold in the marketplace is a testament to their commitment and dedication to manufacture the highest quality products with a mindful eye on design.