At Glenn Poor's, we are constantly trying new products in the high end audio and video market in order to find what we feel are the best values. All the products that we have in our showrooms reflect our desire for high quality while maintaining a reasonable price/performance ratio. Here are some of the brands and products that we proudly carry in our store:

Da Lite: Based in Warsaw, Indiana, Da-Lite has been designing, manufacturing and marketing the most comprehensive line of projection screens in the world for over 100 years. Today, they offer the widest selection ever of proprietary projection screen fabrics and materials in their company's history.

LG: LG is one of the largest manufacturers of flat panel televisions, and has been one of the best when integrating the latest technologies into their sets. LG makes all the major components (plasma glass, LCD panels, etc.) for their sets making them a great value as well as a great product.  

Sharp: Sharp has been a pioneer in LED LCD flat panel HD displays, and is now the industry leader in affordable large TVs. Featuring displays as large as 80" which have more than double the screen area of 55" Class TVs. Sharp's Quattron technology (which adds a fourth color of yellow to the typical red, green and blue) means more colors, more detail and a finer image. The result is a brighter display with more vivid yellows, golds and blues. 

Sim2 Seleco: Sim2 specializes in DLP projectors, and continuously maintains its place at the front of the technology curve; Sim2 has routinely been the first to implement the newest DLP chips from Texas Instruments. Sim2 projectors are characterized by detail in black level, color accuracy, and a superb film-like quality. 

Sony: Sony is a pioneer in video production and playback. The biggest movies are shot on Sony cameras, mastered through Sony audio, and our offerings of Sony 4k projectors, HiRes Walkmen, HiRes Headphones, and 4k vaults give you the chance to experience everything the director's intended. 

Stewart Filmscreen: A family-owned business since 1947, Stewart maintains the highest standards in screen design, craftsmanship, and customer service. Stewart Filmscreen continues to design and manufacture innovative screen products for the residential, professional, and commercial markets, bringing the same quality and innovation to all viewing environments.