1949: Our Humble Beginnings

Glenn Poor’s TV and Radio was founded in 1949 by Glenn Poor Sr. and his son, Glenn Jr., to sell and service the new phenomenon, television, with an unusual emphasis on expertise, service and quality.

1949 - 1969: A Television / Hi-Fi Business is Born

Over the following two decades, Glenn Poor’s sold a range of products dominated by television and music systems.

1970's: Home Theaters! 

In the seventies, Glenn Poor’s created home theaters, by combining video tape decks, large screen projection television and audio components, and designing stores to showcase this new concept in home entertainment. 

1980 - 2000: Innovation 

Maintaining our focus on innovation, quality and service, we seek out and sell the most advanced and highest quality products at all price levels. Among the now-famous audio companies Glenn Poor’s has brought to its region are Balanced Audio Technology, Smyth Research, Dynaudio, Wilson Audio, Magnepan, Jeff Rowland Design, Mark Levinson, Apogee, Phase Technology, Aerial Acoustics, McIntosh, ClearAudio, Dynaudio, Evolution Acoustics, and Dunlavy. 

Today: Continuing the Tradition 

We continue this tradition with the best, and best value HD and UHD video displays, digital surround systems, whole-house music systems, installations, and consulting. Change is the constant in business and industry. Especially in home entertainment we see how many of the established names in manufacture and retail of even the recent past are gone. Glenn Poor’s has been the exception by keeping up with the changing environment and focusing on serving its customers.