At Glenn Poor's Audio Video, we are offering a world class collection of high end, preowned products on sale. Our inventory is always changing so please call the store for the latest selection of preowned products.

Avantgarde Acoustics Trio w/ Basshorns

Avantgarde Acoustics Trio speakers, in Pearlescent White, with Basshorns. Call for details.

Avantgarde Acoustics Uno

We received a pair of Avantgarde Acoustic Uno speakers on consignment in a gorgeous candy red. Powered by a Balanced Audio Technologies VK-55SE amplifier, these speakers have never sounded better. Originally retailing at over $14,000 dollars, these rarely used speakers can now be had at almost half of its original MSRP at $7500.

Adcom GFA-555

Adcom GFA-555 Power Amplifier, $450

Adcom GTP-500

Adcom GTP-500 Preamplifier and Tuner, $250

Ariston 40 Turntable w/ Grace 707 tonearm and Clearaudio Virtuoso v2 MC cartridge

This vintage turntable is outfitted with a high end tonearm and cartridge, available for $900.

Balanced Audio Technology Rex II Power Amplifier

This Rex II poweramp from BAT was barely used and is in near mint condition. Originally retailing at $20,000, we are selling this piece for $12,000.

Balanced Audio Technology Rex Preamplifier

The Rex Preamp continues to be one of the best preamplifiers ever made. Utilizing a single gain stage, no negative feedback, and a completely balanced circuit topology, the Rex preamp is endgame material for the heart of your hi-fi system. $11,000

Balanced Audio Technology VK-220SE w/Batpak


Balanced Audio Technology VK-30 Preamplifier and VK-250SE Poweramplifier

VK-30, $2000. VK-250SE, $3750.

Bel Canto Pre3 Analogue Preamplifier


Carver TLM-3600 10 Disc CD Player


Carver Model CT-7 Preamplifier


Dynaudio Focus 200C Center Channel Speaker

$500 -- OUT ON TRIAL

Dynaudio Confidence Center Channel


Mark Levinson No 23.5 Power Amplifier

The highly coveted ML 23.5 is in our Pre-Owned line up. This will not be available for long - as some reference the ML23.5 as the best amp ML has ever made! Offered at $3,950

Mark Levinson ML12A Preamplifier and PLS-124 Power Supply


McIntosh C504 Solid State Preamplifier

This gorgeous vintage McIntosh piece is being offered at $895.

McIntosh MQ-104 Environmental Equalizer


McIntosh MC-30 Mono Power amplifier

A lot of folks online seem to only have one of these, a pair would get you really rolling. $1000

McIntosh Record Compensator

From the days before the standard RIAA curve for playing records, this piece would make a great addition to a vintage McIntosh collection. $150

Nakamichi RX-505 Cassette Deck

This high-end cassette deck employs an auto reverse system that was an original invention by Niro Nakamichi. A vintage collectible piece that would be at home in any hi-fi system. $550

Nakamichi PA-5 Power Amplifier


Nakamichi CA-5Aii Control Amplifier and CR-2A Cassette Deck

CA-5Aii, $$350. CR-2A, $100

Parasound Model 275 Power Amplifier


Phaselinear 700B Power Amplifier

This mid-70s beauty was part of Bob Carver's first professional foray into the hi-fi business. More than just a good-looking and good-sounding amplifier, it's also a piece of history. $1000

Proac Response D 38 Speakers

The illustrious ProAc Response D Thirty Eight is now available from Glenn Poor's Audio Video at a fraction of its original cost. $4500

Rotel RB-1080 Power Amplifier

200W/channel, $500 -- OUT ON TRIAL

Rotel RB-1090 Dual Mono Power Amplifier

A 400W/channel amplifier for $1200, a crazy deal for someone with heavy power needs.

Rotel RSP-1066 Surround Sound Processor


Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Reference Class Speaker System

These flagship speakers from Vienna Acoustics are in near-mint condition, $2500

Wilson Sophia 2 Loudspeakers

These monsters were used as rear L/R channels in a home theater system--very lightly used! Signature Wilson clarity, depth, and acute tightness in the bass and openess in the treble. Call for more details and pictures. $9995

Yamaha RX-300U Receiver