Geoff PoorEl Presidente

Geoff Poor started his career in audio as a teen at his Dad's Electronics/Hi-Fi store in Champaign-Urbana. He began singing professionally at the age of fifteen where his first job was opening for Jerry Lee Lewis. He later purchased the Glenn Poor's Audio Video stores he had created for his father's corporation, and turned the company into one of the most prestigious high-end audio and home theater retail organizations in the Midwest. Geoff has consulted and worked with some of the most respected names in audio - Niro Nakamichi, Yamaha, MRC, Sony, & more - and in 1992, he was one of the founders of Dunlavy Audio Labs. In the spring of 1995, he left Dunlavy to become a partner at Balanced Audio Technology - a company he helped launch at the 1995 CES. Whether creating music, or the equipment to play it, Geoff Poor is passionate about the art form. His eclectic taste and background, and general all-round knowledge of the musical arts, makes Geoff a special asset in the business of music.