If you follow us at all, you know how integral turntables are to what we do here at Glenn Poor's. We just love playing records! We have a lot of really great turntable brands, but the performance of the Technics line from bottom to top is very difficult to beat, at any price point. They all feature a non-cogging coreless, brushless direct drive motor as well as very heavy plinths and solid feet that make these some of the quietest decks we sell. The tonearm is great too, especially the magnesium one on the 1200G. Give us a call at 217-356-5456 if you are interested in learning more about these great tables--we'd be happy to answer any questions. We also offer an excellent variety of the best cartridges on the market, so we'll definitely be able to set you up with the best combination for whatever suits your listening needs! Click on the images below to head to the Technics site for more technical information about each table.

SL-1500C, same motor as their top of the line deck but stripped down for affordability. Like all of the Technics tables, it punches way above it's weight at $1199, and comes with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge (the best selling $100 cart in the world) and a bypassable built-in phono preamp that really sounds great. Also comes in black (1500C-K)
The SL-1210GR is the black version of their $1699 table. This thing is built like a tank, and like all Technics tables, comes with a VTA adjustment and a heavy counterweight to accommodate a wide variety of cartridges.
The top-of-the-line SL-1200G: pure magnesium tonearm, three-layer platter, solid aluminum plinth. The stats on this thing for noise and wow/flutter are miles ahead of anything else out there. At $3999 this is endgame material for many audiophiles--it'll be the last turntable you ever buy.
If you are a money-no-object listener, on the quest for the unquestionably reference-class system, look no further than the $20,000 SL-1000.