Technics has been delivering epoch-defining Hi-Fi equipment; including speakers, amplifiers, and audio players – including its iconic turntables - worldwide since 1965.

This year, Technics releases the SL-1210GAE Limited Edition turntable to commemorate its 55th anniversary. This special model is based on the acclaimed SL-1200G hi-fi turntable, and features a desirable all-black color scheme.

 Since announcing the special edition by end of May, it has been well received by many customers and because we received such high request that exceeded our expectations, we have decided to increase the production of this model. By this way, we also would like to thank all our customers for the high interest in the SL-1210GAE Limited Edition model. As for the revised number of units, we have added 210 pieces to the original 1.000 limited units for a total of 1.210 units globally in order to match the already iconic model name. Regarding the special badge that is attached to this product, we will be preparing to add up to the serial No 1.210.

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More information about the SL-1210GAE here.