The return of Tannoy has been a gas! We loved them 40 years ago and, well, we love them even more now. Tannoy has taken their proven concentric point-source design (which they invented in 1947), and, with the use of better materials and technology, refined a studio standard into a line of products that competes with anything on the market today. Tannoys bring music to life - with wide, linear frequency range and real-world dynamics. Their sophisticated point-source technology paints a virtual three dimensional image of the performance. As a nice bonus, all the models we've auditioned are easy to drive, with benign impedance curves, allowing even a small 10 watt/ch tube amp to sing. The fit and finish is also first rate, befitting the sophistication of Tannoy's technical achievements. We currently have four models on display, three of which (Mini, Sterling and GRF) are part of the "Prestige Gold" line-up, with the Eaton "monitor" representing the more affordable "Legacy" group. Interestingly, the Eaton is a modern version of the Tannoy monitors used to mix Pink Floyd's legendary "Dark Side Of The Moon" at Abbey Road Studio. We hope you'll soon have an opportunity to come in and listen to the Tannoys. We guarantee it will be fun!