As almost everyone in the world is aware, the "Coronavirus" has virtually shut down our normal lives. Here in Illinois, we are on on virtual lockdown until the end of April. Thus, Glenn Poor's Audio Video is "closed" to retail business.  We're not even supposed to allow customers access to our showrooms by appointment.  Nonetheless, we have been spending time in the store listening to various products and, perhaps more importantly, finding new music, as well as rediscovering older gems in our collection of CDs and LPs.  We're also checking emails and voice mails, and answering questions from folks all over the United States and Canada.  We've even talked to a few people in Europe.  The general consensus is that this is a great opportunity to get further acquainted with one's "record library" as well as use streaming to find new material.  Qobuz and Tidal allow us to search for songs and albums that we haven't collected, but may want to add to our inventory.  It's been fun.

We want to encourage everyone to call or email us with any questions you may want to ask. If one of us doesn't pickup the phone, please leave a voicemail with your contact info and a preferred time you'd like us to get back to you.  We will answer all inquiries and questions.

Stay well,