The word "Amazing" has been used often regarding products created in the long career of one of our industry's actual icons, Bob Carver. Well, he's done it again!

Bob always wants his products to not only sound amazing, but he also wants them to exhibit real value. Since we began showing his ALS (Amazing Line Source) loudspeaker system and his incredible 350 watt all-tube Raven mono-block amplifiers, the interest in Bob and his products has exploded. Both the ALS system ($18,500 with powered subwoofer) and the Raven mono-blocks ($9500/pair) represent incredible values - especially since they're built here in the United States. Another factor in their great value is the fact they are virtually bullet proof! It's so cool to be able to sell a high power, all tube system that is totally reliable.  To this date, we have experienced 100% reliability, and, based on Bob's design, the tube life expectancy is so long that the tubes and the mono-blocks are actually warrantied for 15 years!    

What if Bob could make a less powerful, and even more affordable, stereo version of the mono's?  Well, guess what?  He has, and we now have his new Crimson 275 playing in the same room as the Raven mono-blocks.  

The Crimson 275 is beautiful - looking and sounding - and is selling for only $2,750!  Using the same Tung-Sol KT-120 power tubes as the Raven mono's,  the same tube-saving "DC Restorer" circuit (that prolongs tube life by decades), the 75 watt/channel Crimson 275 is a genuine breath of fresh air in a world where most American-made electronics are simply too expensive for most of us.  The new stereo Crimson 275 is warrantied (tubes and all) for 5 years!  

It seems too good to be true, but it's not.  The Bob Carver Crimson 275 is a great amp!  And that's the truth! 

Visit our store in Champaign, and listen for yourself.