On July 20th (4:00 PM - 8:00 PM CST), Glenn Poors Audio Video hosted a demonstration event for Magnepan's incredible new flagship loudspeaker system, the 30.7. The 30.7 has been co-awarded “Overall Product of the Year” in The Absolute Sound magazine along side the $685,000 Wilson WAMM Master Chronosonic. Over forty folks came, enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow music lovers, and heard one of the best systems we have ever put together. Fronted by Playback Designs reference all-in-one MPS-8 DAC/SACD/CD player, BAT REX II line stage and VK-655SE mono-block power amps (all on Critical Mass Systems racks and filters), and wired with Transparent Reference XLII cabling - the new Maggies simply came alive! From large-scale symphonic pieces to Pink Floyd's "The Wall", some of us felt it was perhaps better than live.  The 30.7s can do it all - from small-scale jazz to the most majestic of Chicago Symphony recordings.  Solo vocalists sound like they're in the room. Magnepan has achieved something that is truly monumental with the 30.7 - a MASTERPIECE!

Kudos go out to Ann, Glenn Poor's Marketing Director, for bringing in the food and beverages.  As anyone who has been to one of our Christmas parties knows, she throws a great party. Also, thanks go out to all the folks who took the time to come to the event - some from as far away as Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis.

Watch for our next event.......