Since I came back to our store last April, I've wanted to talk about a subject that has been on my mind for quite some time - so much so that I've made it a point of discussion with the staff here at Glenn Poor's. That is simply the fact that high quality music reproduction doesn't require a hugely fat wallet (or an Amex Black Card). In other words, a great sounding hi-fi system can be put together for a reasonable budget.

The goal should be to assemble a system that is greater than the sum of the parts. I've felt that this talent is what separates a good audio/video specialist from a typical salesperson.  For instance, listening to a client and accurately "hearing" what he/she is saying is critical.  Once we have a good idea of what the customer is trying to accomplish, then we can move on to putting together a system that make sense.  Again, it's important to really listen to the customer - paying attention to aesthetic as well as technical qualities.  All this being said, it's also important to pay attention to budget boundaries set by the customer.  If we've done our job, the customer should be thrilled  - enough so that the playback of music becomes a major focus in one's daily routine.

In the last couple of weeks, we put together several systems that fit this example.  Despite modest budgets, the satisfaction I felt after getting feedback from the customers was so gratifying that I would like to make affordable HiFi a point of emphasis at our store.  I know, I know, this could lead to less on the bottom line, but I feel it's critical to introduce more people to the fun of living with a proper component music system.  And, it doesn't have to break the bank!  For instance, listen to a pair of Golden Ear 7's ($1400/pair) powered by an NAD 316BEE integrated amp ($379) with a Rega Planar 1 turntable ($475).  This system sells for less than $2300, and it sounds terrific on virtually any kind of music.  Or, how about adding the new NAD C538BEE CD player for only $299?  Of course these are just a few of the components that fit in the "affordable" category.  Glenn Poor's has terrific speakers that start at less than $300 for the pair.  The key, though, is the synergy and how well they all work together.

Just for fun, come in, and listen to some affordable HiFi for yourself.  You may just realize how much music you've been missing, and how easy it is to get it back in your life.