Technic's entry level / all in one product, the OTTAVA F SC-C70, has been in such high demand that they are currently sold out throughout most of the country. To alleviate this demand during the holiday season, there is an unbelievable, limited time offer from Technics. The high end OTTAVA SC-C500 that usually retails for $2,500 is available for the same price as the entry level OTTAVA F SC-C70 at $1,000. We cannot even begin to express how good of a deal this is. 

Unlike the "all-in-one" SC-C70, the SC-C500 comes with a network audio player with two separate high end bookshelf sized, omni-directional speakers that can be positioned to your liking. The amount of engineering inside these speakers is incredible. Their proprietary spiral twin drive architecture featuring their high-linearity woofers allows for a punchy, non-distorted bass that is rare in such a small speaker. 

The SC-C500 features a top loading CD player, bluetooth connectivity, LAN and WiFi connectivity, and support for Spotify, Tidal, and vTuner for internet radio. This gives the user plenty of ways to enjoy their music in a stress free and convenient manner. However, where this unit really shines is under the hood. This unit has some of Technic's reference level electronics packed into its circuitry, meaning that the JENO engine, LAPC, Digital Noise Isolation Architecture, and a Battery Driven Clock Generator are all included. See our G30 series special write up to learn more about these technologies.

Call us today to order one for yourself before this offer expires. This will make a great addition to your home!