Technics SL-1200G

Every so often a product comes along that exceeds the expectation of what is possible in a given price class. Such is the case with the new Technics incredible SL-1200G direct-drive turntable.

The production rollout in America was several months later than had been originally anticipated, which is typical of hi-end audio products. We were anxious, however, having read a couple of reviews from highly respected journalists who had received advanced samples. The word was out that this new 1200G was beyond special, but rather a true “reference-class” product - competitive with respected products many times the Technics suggested price.

We received our first unit in September, 2016 (after a long wait), mounted the new Hana SL cartridge, and started listening. To say we were surprised at its performance is a huge understatement! It was immediately obvious that the SL-1200G set a whole new performance standard in its price range – and way beyond. Finally, a direct-drive turntable, with the speed accuracy inherent in such designs, but with the open, beautiful, yet natural, sonic characteristics of much more expensive belt-drive rigs. It became clear that a closer look was required to understand why this new Technics sounded so good………………

Cosmetically, the new 1200G mimics the look of previous generations of Technics’ SL-1200 tables. But the looks are all that the new SL-1200G has in common with its predecessors. It is literally new from the ground (the feet) up. The Technics design team set out to make a true reference table and arm, and this goal required all new everything. From the non-cogging (think continuous), coreless direct-drive motor, to the tri-layered platter (brass, die-cast aluminum and rubber), to the incredible magnesium alloy tonearm, to the four-layer cabinet/plinth, to the height-adjustable isolation “feet” – the Sl-1200G goes way beyond anything we thought possible in its price class.

If you’d like to learn more details about the SL-1200G, read Michael Fremer’s detailed review on his “Analog Planet” site. You can also go to the Technics website for technical details. Or, if you just want to look at and listen to the new SL-1200G, come into Glenn Poor’s showrooms in Old Farm, and get an up-close, personal audition. You’ll be amazed.

- Geoff Poor

Hear from our customers!

Geoff,  While the cost of the Technics SL1200G was not trivial, the benefits of ownership are truly rewarding. Just wanted you to know I continue to be very pleased with my purchase. Your advice was spot on, "You won't regret getting the SL1200G." Thanks again.                                                                                                      - Larry R.