This year, Glenn Poor’s Audio Video exhibited at AXPONA for the first time, partnering with Technics. AXPONA is this country’s premiere hi-end audio show, and, fortunately for us, is held every spring in Chicago. Unlike the giant Consumer Electronics Show, held annually in Las Vegas, AXPONA is a consumer show so you don’t have to be a manufacturer or a retailer to attend. AXPONA is a funfest – with live music events and demonstrations of some of the finest gear in the world.

The Technics/Glenn Poor’s Audio Video room featured three different systems - two of which featured Technics turntables. Both turntable models employed Ortofon’s brilliant 2M Black cartridges. The reference-class SL-1200G was the prime source for one of the systems, while the (soon-to-be released) SL-1200GR sourced the new “Grand Class” amp and speakers. Originally slated to sell for between $2000 and $2500, the “GR” was announced at AXPONA to sell for $1,699! Based on the extraordinary SL-1200G, the new “GR” is destined to be the best selling turntable/arm combination in the history of Glenn Poor’s! Its motor, like that of the “G”, is a cogging-free, coreless direct-drive design that sets a new standard in its price class. The resulting sound achieved feeding the also soon-to-be-released SU-G700 integrated amp ($2500) and SB-G90 loudspeakers ($5000/pair) was beautiful, and, like what we’ve heard with the more expensive “G” system, performed way beyond its price class. 

Without getting into too many boring technical details, suffice to say these new Technics components are working examples of what can be achieved if a large company decides to commit its considerable resources to the execution of high quality designs. So far, Technics is batting 1000! 

Ron, Craig and I had a great time at AXPONA, and were happy so many of you came by to say “hi” and listen. We recommend the experience, and expect we’ll all be back next year. 

- Geoff Poor