Join us for the Worldwide Audiofest this Friday, June 19th at 2:15pm for a livestream on our instagram, @glenpoors_audiovideo

We will take a tour of the store, highlighting some of our favorite systems we have on display with the help of brands such as Technics, Tannoy, Harbeth, Luxman, Balanced Audio Technologies, Playback Designs, Kubala Sosna, and Lateral Audio. There will also be livestreams throughout the day Thursday and Friday from other great brands and dealers. Hope to (virtually) see you there!"

 Event details here.

Glenn Poor's Audio Video is now taking orders for the All-Black, Special Edition, SL-1210 GAE!

To mark the 55th anniversary of the legendary brand, Technics is now launching a "Special Edition" in black, which is limited to 1000 units worldwide. It has stroboscopic lighting that can be switched off and optimized damping feet. These units will ship with the MM pickup Nagaoka JT-1210, which is perfectly matched to the magnesium tonearm.


We hope that this message finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. We are very much looking forward to again welcoming customers into our store as we enter Phase 3 of the governor's Restore Illinois plan at the end of this month--Tuesday, June 2nd will be the first day we will be open for retail business. As part of this transition, we wanted to let everyone know what they can expect when they visit Glenn Poor's in the coming months. We are taking this virus seriously, and have been closely following state and local updates, as well as their guidelines for businesses reopening amidst the pandemic. We have joined many other local businesses in Champaign County and made the Champaign County Safe pledge (, which is a commitment to practice social distancing and effective hygiene in the store. 

Our team will regularly wash our hands and disinfect high-contact surfaces, and we will be wearing masks while interacting with customers. We ask that customers wear masks if they are medically able, and to practice safe social distancing (6ft apart) while visiting. If you are interested in coming in to audition gear, we also recommend that you call in advance so we can best prepare what you need. 

 While the dangers from this pandemic have far from abated, we are happy and relieved to be able to take this next step in the transition to normalcy. The stay-at-home order has made it clear to us just how important it is to be able to enjoy beautiful music and compelling cinema from home, and has reaffirmed the significance and relevance of the work we do here. We will do our best to provide the excellent service that you expect from our team, and we hope that you will continue to support us in the coming months and years.

Best Wishes, 

Glenn Poor's Team  

The return of Tannoy has been a gas! We loved them 40 years ago and, well, we love them even more now. Tannoy has taken their proven concentric point-source design (which they invented in 1947), and, with the use of better materials and technology, refined a studio standard into a line of products that competes with anything on the market today. Tannoys bring music to life - with wide, linear frequency range and real-world dynamics. Their sophisticated point-source technology paints a virtual three dimensional image of the performance. As a nice bonus, all the models we've auditioned are easy to drive, with benign impedance curves, allowing even a small 10 watt/ch tube amp to sing. The fit and finish is also first rate, befitting the sophistication of Tannoy's technical achievements. We currently have four models on display, three of which (Mini, Sterling and GRF) are part of the "Prestige Gold" line-up, with the Eaton "monitor" representing the more affordable "Legacy" group. Interestingly, the Eaton is a modern version of the Tannoy monitors used to mix Pink Floyd's legendary "Dark Side Of The Moon" at Abbey Road Studio. We hope you'll soon have an opportunity to come in and listen to the Tannoys. We guarantee it will be fun!

The headline "The British Are Coming" is a bit misleading because Glenn Poor's Audio Video has been selling products from the United Kingdom since the 70's. Recently, though, we've added two British product lines that are quite simply outstanding: Tannoy and Puritan Audio Laboratories. Tannoy is the fabled 90 year old Scottish loudspeaker maker that Glenn Poor's sold in the 70's, while Puritan (power cords and power filters) has only been in the US market since June, 2019.

Actually, I have to give Jim Smith (of "Get Better Sound" fame) and Brian Tucker ("Mr. Studer/Revox"), my friends of almost 45 years, most of the credit for getting me excited about Tannoy loudspeakers and Puritan Audio Labs, a power purifying line. Jim set me up with Magnepan in 1977 when he was the national sales manager, and later turned me onto Avantgarde when he imported the line and made it famous in North America (actually the whole world).  Thus, when Jim told me he had begun using Tannoy as his personal reference speakers, my ears perked up.  Then Brian, who only recently had become Tannoy's representative in the midwest, brought us a pair of Tannoy "Autograph Mini" monitors to listen to.  The $2000/pair Mini is Tannoy's smallest model in their "Prestige" lineup.  It took only a few songs for us to hear the beauty and value of the Mini's.  I called Brian, and wasted little time in becoming a Tannoy dealer.  Around the same time, Brian demonstrated the Puritan PSM136 Studio Mains Master Purifier, which sells for $1600.  Our reaction was "wow"!  We've not looked back as all of Puritan's products represent incredible performance/price value.  There is still something special about British HiFi.  When you're able, come in and listen.....

As many of you already know, I was one of the three founders of Balanced Audio Technology in 1995. Thus, it's easy to assume that I could be biased regarding the judgement of BAT's products. Nonetheless, I can honestly attest that the three of us who owned and drove the company for the first seventeen years of its existence were also very critical when it came to evaluating our own products. As new models were developed, we compared them to other brands' reference products. We were always hyper-critical of our own products, wanting them to exceed the performance, build quality and value of anything on the market!  Thus, when we replaced one model with another in its respective category, it had to be worth the effort - in performance and value.  That attitude and dedication to quality has been consistent at BAT.  I left the company in 2017, mostly for health reasons, while Steve and Victor have stayed the course.  Jim Davis, a Chicago-based entrepreneur, bought BAT in 2012, and has maintained the company's ethos and goals of creating world reference products throughout the eight years of his ownership.

A couple of years ago, Victor began working on new REX products, the first of which to be released was the REX DAC.  The REX DAC is an assault on the state-of-the-art, and now incorporates the styling changes that have been created for the REX 3 models - the REX 3 Line-stage and REX 3 Power amplifier.  I've had the privilege of having the REX 3 pre and power here at Glenn Poor's for almost a month now in anticipation of featuring them in a system with Tannoy's GRF loudspeakers, Playback Designs "Dream" digital, the Technics SL-1000 turntable, and Kubala/Sosna cabling at the upcoming (August) AXPONA Show.  Prior to the arrival of the REX 3 components, I'd been breaking in the Tannoys with my "vintage" REX pre and REX 2 power amp, while occasionally switching in the big BAT VK-655SE mono-blocks, thinking that could help lessen the break-in time for the big Tannoys.  Then came REX 3!   

As is always the case with brand new, out of the box BAT products, the REX 3 units were a bit "tight" at first.  "Dynamic", "extended", "smooth, yet revealing".  They checked all the boxes.  As the days passed, though, every aspect of their performance simply just got better!  Everything, and I mean everything, I am now hearing is more real!  The feeling is similar to being on stage, performing a song that you've sung dozens of times before, but all of a sudden this time you understand its meaning.  It's not easy to put into words the subtle improvements I've been hearing in familiar recordings I've played through the REX 3 system.  It's really a feeling that defies simple explanation.  I'm just getting closer to the essence of the original performance.  Like imagining musical nirvana.  Such a cool feeling..............

Stay tuned,


As almost everyone in the world is aware, the "Coronavirus" has virtually shut down our normal lives. Here in Illinois, we are on on virtual lockdown until the end of April. Thus, Glenn Poor's Audio Video is "closed" to retail business.  We're not even supposed to allow customers access to our showrooms by appointment.  Nonetheless, we have been spending time in the store listening to various products and, perhaps more importantly, finding new music, as well as rediscovering older gems in our collection of CDs and LPs.  We're also checking emails and voice mails, and answering questions from folks all over the United States and Canada.  We've even talked to a few people in Europe.  The general consensus is that this is a great opportunity to get further acquainted with one's "record library" as well as use streaming to find new material.  Qobuz and Tidal allow us to search for songs and albums that we haven't collected, but may want to add to our inventory.  It's been fun.

We want to encourage everyone to call or email us with any questions you may want to ask. If one of us doesn't pickup the phone, please leave a voicemail with your contact info and a preferred time you'd like us to get back to you.  We will answer all inquiries and questions.

Stay well,


On Friday, February 7th, Wendell Diller and his wife, Galina, visited our store in Champaign to demonstrate the newest prototype loudspeaker system from Magnepan. This new system is a departure for Magnepan in that it employs a di-pole (open baffle) bass system utilizing eight powerful, long-throw 6.5" dynamic drivers per channel in two small footprint structures that are only 36" tall. In other words, they are very compact for woofers dedicated to the purpose of reproducing impactful, yet tuneful, low bass. They are respectively paired with narrow (12"wide) mid-range/tweeter panels that stand six feet tall. Through the implementation of powerful DSP (digital signal processing), Magnepan has been able to properly "blend" the woofers to the incredibly fast ribbon panels - all in an effort to mimic the effect created by the state-of-the-art flagship 30.7 system which we previewed here last year. Unlike the 30.7, the "Condo" system doesn't require a large space.  In fact, it's designed to work in small to medium sized rooms. Wendell surprised us by insisting that he set up in our "Maggie Theater" room which is 18' long by 13.5" wide by 8" high. When we reviewed the 30.7 last year, we used our reference room - 26' by 17' by 9' - and the 30.7 system still visually overwhelmed the space. The sound, though, was incredible! 

So, how does the "Condo" system compare to the venerable 30.7?

The most challenging aspect of this effort was getting the blend right in the lower midrange to the upper and mid bass. This challenge has proven futile for some of the most respected manufacturers in our industry. I won't name names, but most of you know what products I'm referring to. Well, trust me, when you hear the new Maggie "hybrid", you won't hear where the bass modules blend with the ribbons because the "blend" is truly seamless! And what slam! Listening to Kodo Drums was way beyond expectations. I could feel it in my gut, and the timbral richness was like what I heard with the 30.7s. Like the 30.7s, the "Condos" are time and phase coherent, so you'll hear the fundamentals along with the harmonics in time! Having been part of Dunlavy Audio Labs at its inception, I understand the challenge of making time and phase coherent loudspeakers, so Magnepan's efforts, beginning with the MG-1.7, has been a revelation - elevating Magnepan to new levels. The Condo system, despite being a hybrid, carries on (with the aid of DSP) this ability, allowing the listener to overcome placement issues - all while maintaining linear phase! This rare quality, coupled with its startling speed, clarity and frequency linearity make the new Maggie a genuine State-Of-The-Art contender. Plus, one doesn't have to have a big room to get the effect of sitting in a large concert hall. A truly amazing speaker! Let's hope we see the "30.7 for Condos" in production form sooner than later. It really is a revelation.    



I know, I know, I've been missing in action for awhile. This is not to say that I've purposely neglected our website, but Ann and I suffered a tremendous loss last April (2019) when my great friend, Ron Miner, passed away unexpectedly late Saturday night/early Sunday morning while we were at AXPONA in Schaumburg. Ron's passing is a loss that has been difficult to process emotionally, and I've just not felt like writing about anything since his death. Maybe now is the time to express my feelings, and get on with business.

Our group enjoyed a nice dinner at the hotel's steak house that Saturday evening after working all day before going to the Shelby Lynne concert.  Shelby's "Just A Little Lovin'" album had become a favorite of mine, and I'd really looked forward to seeing her in concert.  She was great, but, because I was so tired from being on my feet all day, I asked Ron if he wouldn't mind leaving the concert a bit early since we were driving together.  As was typical, Ron smiled and said "no problem", so we left about two thirds of the way through what had been a good show.  Once back at our hotel, we went to the second floor.  Ron went to the left to his room, while Ann and I went to the right to our room.  That was the last time I saw Ron alive.

Ron was like a brother to me and a de-facto member of our family for over twenty-five years.  He was also my personal and corporate accountant who had run a lot of the business side of Glenn Poor's Audio Video while I was busy co-founding Dunlavy Audio Labs in 1992 and Balanced Audio Technology in 1995.  We were joined at the hip socially and professionally.  Ron was a CPA who had a lot of responsibility at the University of Illinois, but his love of music and the gear that brought it to life in our homes was a connection that brought us together all those years ago and remained a burning passion for Ron.  Suffice to say, he loved our industry.  He went to all the shows with us, and, while I demonstrated BAT, reported back to me as to what we needed to look at for Glenn Poor's.  Our daughters called him "Uncle Ron" because he was truly an integral part of all our lives - spending every holiday and celebratory dinner with us since the late 80's.  Ron was an angel on earth.  I miss him every day.


"Bill Voss, Business Development Manager of Technics along with Glenn Poor’s Audio Video of Champaign, IL hosted a great sounding space with all Technics electronics and the very revealing Harbeth speakers..."

Check out the full review of our rooms at Axpona from Audio-Head here!

Glenn Poor's Audio Video will be representing Luxman, Harbeth, Playback Designs, and Technics at Axpona 2019. Join us at room 442 & 444 on April 12th - 14th at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel / Convention Center.

For a limited time, Nordost is offering a generous trade in program on the Norse Series cables. Call the store for more details.

Join us at Axpona 2019 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center April 12 - 14, 2019

Visit us in EXHIBIT ROOM #444 and be among the first to experience these new additions from Technics for 2019.

HiFi News SL-1000R ReviewClick to Read The Article!

By clicking the image above, you can read Hi-Fi News & Record Review's opinion of the Technics SL-1000R Turntable. Enjoy!

The word "Amazing" has been used often regarding products created in the long career of one of our industry's actual icons, Bob Carver. Well, he's done it again!

Bob always wants his products to not only sound amazing, but he also wants them to exhibit real value. Since we began showing his ALS (Amazing Line Source) loudspeaker system and his incredible 350 watt all-tube Raven mono-block amplifiers, the interest in Bob and his products has exploded. Both the ALS system ($18,500 with powered subwoofer) and the Raven mono-blocks ($9500/pair) represent incredible values - especially since they're built here in the United States. Another factor in their great value is the fact they are virtually bullet proof! It's so cool to be able to sell a high power, all tube system that is totally reliable.  To this date, we have experienced 100% reliability, and, based on Bob's design, the tube life expectancy is so long that the tubes and the mono-blocks are actually warrantied for 15 years!    

What if Bob could make a less powerful, and even more affordable, stereo version of the mono's?  Well, guess what?  He has, and we now have his new Crimson 275 playing in the same room as the Raven mono-blocks.  

The Crimson 275 is beautiful - looking and sounding - and is selling for only $2,750!  Using the same Tung-Sol KT-120 power tubes as the Raven mono's,  the same tube-saving "DC Restorer" circuit (that prolongs tube life by decades), the 75 watt/channel Crimson 275 is a genuine breath of fresh air in a world where most American-made electronics are simply too expensive for most of us.  The new stereo Crimson 275 is warrantied (tubes and all) for 5 years!  

It seems too good to be true, but it's not.  The Bob Carver Crimson 275 is a great amp!  And that's the truth! 

Visit our store in Champaign, and listen for yourself.

McIntosh Labs is announcing its Two-Channel TradeUP Program to allow owners of older McIntosh power amplifiers, preamplifiers, integrated amps and receivers to trade up to current models. Owners of qualified McIntosh models can receive up to 75% of the Original MSRP of their McIntosh amplifier, preamplifier, integrated amp or receiver when it is traded in toward the purchase of a new McIntosh amplifier, preamplifier, integrated amp or receiver (all trade-in units must of course be in working order and be in reasonable physical condition). The Two-Channel TradeUP Program runs from September 4, 2018 until October 31, 2018. Call us at 217-356-5456 to make sure your McIntosh gear qualifies.

For a limited time, Glenn Poors Audio Video is offering an amazing deal on three Balanced Audio Technology systems. Right now, incredible tube pre and amp systems from BAT can be had for under 10K. Call Geoff for more details!

Level 1 - Tube Separates (Retail Cost: $12,900 / Current Deal: $9,990)

▪ VK-33 Tube Preamp with Phono Module ▪ VK-56 Stereo Tube Power Amplifier

 Level 2 - Tube Phono Upgrade (Retail Cost: $15,845 / Current Deal: $11,895) 

 ▪ VK-33 Tube Preamp ▪ VK-P6 Tube Phono Stage ▪ VK-56 Stereo Tube Power Amplifier

 Level 3 - Dual Mono (Retail Cost: $20,480 / Current Deal: $14,995) 

 ▪ VK33 Tube Preamp ▪ VKP6 Tube Phono Stage ▪ VK-56 Monoblock Tube Power Amplifier (x2)

On July 20th (4:00 PM - 8:00 PM CST), Glenn Poors Audio Video hosted a demonstration event for Magnepan's incredible new flagship loudspeaker system, the 30.7. The 30.7 has been co-awarded “Overall Product of the Year” in The Absolute Sound magazine along side the $685,000 Wilson WAMM Master Chronosonic. Over forty folks came, enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow music lovers, and heard one of the best systems we have ever put together. Fronted by Playback Designs reference all-in-one MPS-8 DAC/SACD/CD player, BAT REX II line stage and VK-655SE mono-block power amps (all on Critical Mass Systems racks and filters), and wired with Transparent Reference XLII cabling - the new Maggies simply came alive! From large-scale symphonic pieces to Pink Floyd's "The Wall", some of us felt it was perhaps better than live.  The 30.7s can do it all - from small-scale jazz to the most majestic of Chicago Symphony recordings.  Solo vocalists sound like they're in the room. Magnepan has achieved something that is truly monumental with the 30.7 - a MASTERPIECE!

Kudos go out to Ann, Glenn Poor's Marketing Director, for bringing in the food and beverages.  As anyone who has been to one of our Christmas parties knows, she throws a great party. Also, thanks go out to all the folks who took the time to come to the event - some from as far away as Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis.

Watch for our next event.......